Welcom to Wael Jendiah & Partners Co. AL MARSA FOR ELECTRICAL CONTRACTS



1- Road lighting

    * Supply and installation of lighting poles of different sizes, shapes and lengths
  • • Lighting towers include sodium luminaries and LED luminaries
  • • Lighting poles include sodium luminaries and LED luminaries
  • • Lighting control panels of all sizes.

2- Low and medium pressure grids

    Supply, installation, and laying of cables include:
  • * The average pressure of 33KV and 11KV antenna and ground cable of all sizes.
  • * Low-pressure pneumatic and ground cable of all sizes.
  • * Electrical stations of all sizes .
  • * Low-pressure electrical panels of all kinds and specifications

3-Electrical Grounding And Cad weld

Grounding is a direct connection to the Earth's mass. Electrical circuits may be connected to the ground for several reasons In electrical circuits, ground conduction is provided to provide safety to protect people from the risk of electric shock caused by insufficient insulation or breakdown.

4 -Networks

  • Supply and install communication pipes of all sizes.
  • Supply and install communication manholes
  • laying of communication cables
  • Supply, install of DATA CABINET, and SLEEVE DATA CABINET modules.
  • Supply, install, inspect, and operate camera systems.

5 - Communication

* Supply and installation of communication pipes of all sizes * Supply and installation of fountains of all sizes according to the specifications of the telecommunications company

6- Implementation of the work of medium pressure networks 33 KV or 11 KV pneumatic or ground
7- Implementation of low pressure networks. Antenna or. . . . etc
8 - Implementation of the work of establishing electrical extensions for headquarters, buildings, hospitals and schools